Cognitum 2016 Proceedings


Muhannad Alomari, Paul Duckworth, Yiannis Gatsoulis, David Hogg, and Anthony Cohn. Unsupervised Natural Language Acquisition and Grounding to Visual Representations for Robotic Systems. SLIDES

Ernest Davis. Collecting Commonsense Problems from Text. SLIDES

Susan Epstein and Eric Osisek. I’ll know it when I see it: Toward cognitively plausible recommendations.

William Jarrold and Peter Yeh. Empirical Knowledge Acquisition of Commonsense Psychology.

Pierre Marchal and Thierry Poibeau. Lexical Knowledge Acquisition: Towards a Continuous and Flexible Representation of the Lexicon. SLIDES

Heikki Ruuska. Critic Networks for Commonsense Problem Solving. SLIDES

Simoni Shah, Shraddha Bhattad, Sanket Lokegaonkar, and Ganesh Ramakrishnan. Building Complementary Domain Taxonomies using Query Enrichment. SLIDES